About Rockmelon Xo


Hey Rockmelons!  

Meet us... Mel and Cash, we are team Rockmelon xo, where each and every item ordered is designed and made here in Sydney, Australia by yours truely! 


Thanks for visiting Rockmelon xo, where Interior and event decor #Custom is the game. Creative and personalised items made one by one from Timber, Acrylic and soon to be more! 


Whether it's for your home interior styling, nursery, wedding, event or business I’m more than happy to accommodate your ideas to suit your custom needs.


In my pre-rockmelon life I was designing in the fashion and graphic industry. 

I’ve been designin’ away on some all-new things for you... think more for the boys, cool fonts, some N.E.W original designs created In house and hello to rose gold! 


We can’t wait to continue introducing you to fresh new customised acrylic and wooden items and be a pet of your next event or room makeover!